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Hi, My name is Alyssa!

I have been on my health and fitness journey for the last 9 years and have lost 75 pounds along the way! Over the years, I have developed a huge passion for helping others start their journey and get incredible life changing results!

In my virtual fit club, you will get access to all of the tools that have helped me lose the weight and keep it off for good! Workouts, nutrition plans and most important, COMMUNITY!

It is so important to have a support along the way and a space to celebrate your wins, ask questions, get support and stay accountable!


I am excited to get to know you and help you achieve your goals!





" I love the accountability, It motivates me to keep going when I see the other women striving for the same goal. I also love the community, seeing others victories and recipes."

" The virtual community gave me the accountability I never knew I needed...Not only was I showing up for myself, but now I am showing up to support and cheer on these other incredible women in our community!

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