Week One Meal Plan For Masters Hammer And Chisel Program

Dec 06, 2015

Sooooo excited that the mailman delivered my Masters Hammer and Chisel program this morning. I am starting a test group tomorrow and was on my way to get my groceries so I could get prepped and ready for the week. I started the program on Thursday using Beachbody on demand so have done 3 of the workouts all ready but, tomorrow starts the dialed in nutrition plan. I am already in love with this program. I swear my butt has lifted an inch. LOL! Not really but, lets just say I have been sore for three days and it feels good to know the booty is getting worked. I have seen the results from some of my fellow coaches and they look incredible!

The meal plan is very similar to the 21 day fix extreme meal plan. I fall into category A but, was told by the creator to go up to bracket B. So B it is!! Not going to argue with that one!! The training is pretty intense and I know the extra calories and protein will help build some more lean  muscle.

Here is the meal plan that I made for the week.

My struggle will fall on the weekend as we are going to our ski house this weekend but, I am determined to stick this out and support my girls that joined my test group. Together we can do this!!
I swear that they keep me accountable just as much as I keep them accountable. We have 15 of us doing this together over the Holidays and I have a list of ladies that are going to get started with me on January 4th! IF you want to get coached by me and supported in the process then just complete the application below and I will reach out to you! I will be sharing my meal plans, providing fitness and nutrition tips, recipes, and it will be soooo much FUN!!!

Anyhow, Here are my day one pics! Yes--- putting them out there for the world to see because that is a great way for me to stay accountable to my goals. Nothing like your friends on social media holding you accountable.

Oh and totally join me for my January group! you are going to love this program! Especially if you like to lift weights and want to build some lean muscle--- so great for your metabolism ladies. Dont forget to lift!! Stay tuned to monitor my progress and more details as I progress through the program!