Top 5 Tips To Motivate You To Get Your Workout In

Aug 31, 2015

Do you need yourself to go and workout?


Here are 5 ways that I am doing right now to get myself motivated, to stay dedicated to the goals that I set for myself.

First thing I did was--I went and I got some motivational tank on! I got one that says FOCUS ON THE GOOD STUFF and got some pink shorts! Anything motivating – whether it’s buying CUTE workout clothes or something that you feel really good in!! make sure it motivates you to put them on and makes you feel good about you!!

My second tip is to FIND A WORKOUT THAT YOU ENJOY DOING! For me I like HIIT workouts and I really love to weight train! Maybe for you, you like to do yoga or go on bike ride – whatever it is that you enjoy doing – make sure it should be something to get you going and designed to reach your goals!


My third tip is to find a pre-workout energizer that you like! I started drinking one of these energizers, it’s one of those pre-workout that’s all natural but when  I drink it I get so much energy and it’s almost full proof that I need to work out afterwards! There are a lot of brands out there on the market make sure it has clean ingredients. I like energizer by Beachbodies performance line. For some a cup of coffee is a great pre-workout to use as well.

My fourth tip is to VISUALIZE your GOALS. I really think that the key to your success if visualization. I want you to visualize what you are going to feel like. What are you going to look like, what are the things that you’re going to enjoy differently when you reach your goals? 

By going through this process, to really understand that it is a journey and that there are things that you really need to be celebrating all along the journey and not really set up yourself for failure by setting goals that are not achievable. 


So, really think about what this is going to look like for your future. What kind of goals you want to achieve and then break those downs into weekly goals that can make it manageable and you can really celebrate your success and victory along the way.


My last tip for you is FIGURE OUT what that WHY is. Why do you want to make this kind of changes in your life? Because that’s going to create self-motivation, and there’s nothing like a self-motivator. You can have coaches, you can have people helping you out along your journey and keep you motivated but you really have to have that internal jive. Have that controlling why in your life that will keep you centered and pick you back up on days when you fall off.  Not every day is going to be perfect, you are going to miss days in your training. You are going to eat less nutritious food and it is really up to you to determine that that does not define who you are or your end results.

Those are my five tips for you guys and I look forward for any questions that you have! For more, you can also follow me on #Periscope @alyssaschomaker and learn more! Cheers to a healthy life full of laughter and prosperity!