No Bake Almond Butter Oatmeal Bites

Aug 11, 2016
Who doesn't love a no-bake recipe? Sometimes baking can be daunting. Here's one recipe that is clean and simple and you can make ahead of time for one of those cravings. I promise, no baking!! 
1 cup whole rolled oats (not instant)
1 tablespoon ground flaxseed + 3 tablespoons warm water
¼ cup roasted almond butter
2 tablespoons maple syrup
3 soft Medjool dates, pitted (or 2 additional tablespoons of maple syrup)
2 tablespoons coconut oil
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
¼ teaspoon cinnamon
¼ teaspoon sea salt
¼ cup chopped walnuts
½ cup shredded coconut
⅓ cup chocolate chips
How To:
1. In a pan, you need to toast the oats over low heat until they are brown. Make sure you don't burn them. That will take around 1-2 minutes and set it aside
2. In a separate bowl, combine the flaxseed, warm water, set aside again till it thickens. Usually it takes 4-6 minutes. 
3. Get your food processor, combine the almond butter, maple syrup, dates, coconut oil, vanilla, cinnamon and salt, add the flaxseed mixture and blend till the consistency is smooth. 
4. Get your walnuts and combine. Add the oats, coconut and pulse it again till blended. Add chocolate chip and pulse again till evenly mixed. 
5. Now the fun part, roll the mixture into balls, the size depends on your liking. Get these goodies inside the freezer for at least 30 minutes and enjoy! The dough can be sticky sometimes so you need to leave them in the freezer for a lot longer time and if it is sticky, you might want to place the dough in the freezer for a few minutes before you roll them.. it can be messy ;) but fun! 
Store in an air-tight container in the refrigerator.
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