How To Take Great Care Of Scrubs For Nurses

Feb 13, 2015

With the everyday wear that scrubs for nurses get, it’s important to be able to take good care of them to make sure they last. With the hard work that nurses do, their scrubs should receive the care they need! Here are a few pointers to help you out as you wear and maintain your scrubs.


How To Take Great Care of Scrubs For Nurses


Before washing scrubs for nurses - When the materials rub against the material of the other scrubs for nurses, they can fade, so the scrubs should be turned inside out before washing. Pre-soak your scrubs in cold water with a ½ cup of vinegar to disinfect and protect the clothes from fading. Remember, you should mix the vinegar and water together before adding the inside out scrubs. This way, the solution soaks into the clothes evenly. You can also add a little bleach, but I would only recommend doing that if the scrubs are white, otherwise stick to just the vinegar.

During washing scrubs for nurses - Separate colors before the wash to eliminate the possibility of color bleeding. Use a mild anti-bacterial liquid detergent on scrubs for nurses, to keep them from fading. If your scrubs are made from 100% of one material, they should be washed in cold water, if the material is a blend, they can be washed in warm water. To get the best results, always read the manufacturer’s directions for specific laundry procedures!

After washing scrubs for nurses - It’s best to air dry to prevent shrinking and wrinkling, but if you need to use the dryer, use the delicate cycle. I suggest drying and storing on hangers so your scrubs don’t shrink and stay wrinkle-free. Remember, don’t wear your scrubs outside of work, there’s no need to to give them more wear than you have to. After all, you hopefully have a closet full of other clothes to wear when you’re not working! :)

I’ve also heard that embroidered scrubs for nurses are popular, adding a bit of personal style and helping to make sure you don’t get your scrubs confused with anyone else. Sounds like a great idea!

These pointers work really great when taking care of scrubs for nurses, I love knowing that scrubs can last so long when properly cared for. Do you have any secrets you have found in taking care of your scrubs? Let me know in the comments section!