Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: Top 10 Beachbody Coach Training

Sep 28, 2015

Empowering female entrepreneurs to build a lifestyle THEY love by doing something that 

 doesn’t feel like“work” to them, THAT is my freaking JAM through and through. 

THAT desire wakes me up in the morning jumping up out of bed with this insane FIRE in me.

While I have used Beachbody as a platform to build this mobile business, it isn’t because I love 

FITNESS--- I DO. But, FREEDOM--- nothing beats FREEDOM.

I think of exercise as a tool (an INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT TOOL) that can be used to increase 

individuals confidence, improve relationships make people more productive, energetic and have more 

ZEST for life but really….I have found that I am SUPER PASSIONATE about training other women on 

creating a life of freedom for their families.

You know em, in fact you might be one of them!

If you LOVE your job, THAT is totally awesome and I urge you to keep killin it gorgeous but 

 know that this message is not directed toward you, this is directed toward THAT GIRL, the

  girl I used to be.

"THAT GIRL" trapped in a career that I LOVED because I worked her butt off to get there 

 but instead she felt this weird desire that she wants to make a HUGE impact on others & 

 she just cannot SQUASH it. Imissed my babies, hated the shift work and worrying about 

 Holidays. Even as a Registered Nurse we were still strapped and who wants to live like 

 that with a debt monkey hanging on your shoulders?

The women that I love to mentor just knows that she wants to be making more of an 

 impact, are fearless leaders, and feel like they are trapped in their current lifestyle.

Let me tell you…..

I GET YOU & I USED to be like YOU!

If you would have asked me 2 years ago if I would be working from home with my babies in tow, 

traveling the world, partying with Tony Horton, and payed off my new TAHOE in full with

  my Beachbody paycheck this week------

I would have told you that you were ABSOLUTELY NUTS, off your rocker CRAZY. 

But THIS is my real life, I have the FREEDOM to work where & when I want and that is a 

freaking blessing 

& THIS life, or whatever you want it to look like for you could be yours too.

I built my ENTIRE business to the point that could comfortably support our entire family. 
My husband could RETIRE right now if he wanted too. This was all done while working as 
Registered nurse, goingto school for my Masters, and having three small kids at home 
from my kitchen table... I did this between the mom cracks friends in less then 2 years!! 
Close your eyes and imagine your life right now. 

What will it be like if you make no changes to your current situation? 

If you want things to change then you have to make the changes for them to occur. 

This is where Health and Fitness coaching comes into play!

Trust me YOU HAVE TIME, you just have to make a PLAN, BELIEVE in yourself & have 
enough COURAGE to begin. We work on what we call a POWER HOUR. 

Everyone has one hour a day to build their dream life!!

 I have created some incredible systems + training and am dedicated to the ladybosses 
that join my team. You ladies are my JAM!! 
We are a TOP 10 team two years in a row because of the success of my 

coaches and the systems we have in place!
The most important part is that you want to change and are dedicated to working on 
yourself first and foremost through fitness and nutrition. I am going to teach you how to do 
this so the beginning of your training will all be on you toning up, losing weight, learning 
more about nutrition, and strengthening that mental muscle.

I’m opening spots for my new coach university that begins this Monday October 5th.

 I am going to be mentoring a small group of new coaches that join my team through 30 days of training. The cool part is that its virtual, you can log in on your own time and do the daily tasks, you have access to me 24/7 and you can duplicate my process and systems for success!  

-I will teach you how to effectively run your power hour each day-what are the most important daily activities you should focus on and where you should spend your time.

- You will have access to our team training site that you can check out Here.

-My goal is to help you achieve YOUR GOALS!!!  
-I am 100% committed to helping you succeed!  I love what I do and that means I'm not just going to sign you up and let you figure it out on your own.  --If you join my team you have my word that I will support you through the new coach process!  

So now is the time!  Are you a BUSY WOMAN?

Do you have a natural drive to be successful? Are you willing to have faith in the process 
and trust that I wouldn't lead you astray?  Do you believe in your ABILITY to be successful? And do you believe that somehow someway you are meant for GREATNESS?

If you would like to be considered for a spot to be personally mentored by me ( a top 10 
coach for 2 years in a row) to get in the best shape of your life, build a business that is 
centered on helping other people while creating a dream life for you and your family I am 
waiting to hear from you!!
If this is you then I want to you on my team!  Make sure you complete the application below ASAP so that you can reserve a spot in my new coach training program!

 Now is your time! Trust me, the conditions will never be perfect! The only thing you have is today and tomorrow is not guaranteed! So why wait!  you have nothing to lose!

I will be following up with all applications over the next few days!!! Make the changes in 
your life and start living out your dreams, get in the best shape of your life, and combat this 
crazy obesity epidemic one person at a time!! 

If you are on mobile and cannot fill out the application you can email me at [email protected]

and I will get one sent over to you!!