Clean Eating Dark Chocolate Mousse

Feb 12, 2017
Are you one who prepares something a bit special for Valentine's Day but a bit unsure what to prepare because you're afraid it isn't healthy at all? This mousse will let you indulge in something sweet, delicious but healthy this Valentine's Day!!


4 ounces 71% cacao dark chocolate

3 ounces water

pinch salt

1-2 ice cube trays worth of ice

1/2 can coconut milk

1/4 teaspoon vanilla or almond extract

coarse sea salt or fruits


Over a medium-low heat, add the sauce pan. Add the chocolates, make sure it is cut or broken into chunks, add the water and pinch of salt.
Whisk till chocolate is melted into the water.
Consistency is like a chocolate syrup but shiny and a bit runny then turn the heat off.

In a large bowl, add the ice cubes and about 1 cup of cold water. Place the smaller bowl inside the large bowl and scrape the hot chocolate sauce into the top bowl. Whisk very fast! The ice bath will cool down the chocolate and the whisking motion will help create the mousse consistency.
Spoon the mousse into your favorite serving dishes and refrigerate if not to be consumed right away.
Fr the whipped cream, remove the bowl and the beater from the freezer and spoon half of the thickened coconut milk into the gowl and save the rest.
Add the extract to the bowl, then beat the coconut milk for a few minutes until it takes on the texture of a whipped cream. Add a dollop on top of the mousse and sprinkle some sea salt on top or fruit of your choice. Serve!

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