5 Healthy Tips To Eating Out

Aug 20, 2015

Eating out at restaurants while you are trying to lose weight or get in shape can be difficult. Entrees served in restaurants are loaded with hidden calories, preservatives, and sodium. One option to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle is to avoid restaurants altogether, but that is not a practical solution! There are always events to celebrate and eating out is a great way to spend time with your friends and colleagues, and enjoy a relaxing evening away from home. Here are five tips to help you make healthier choices while eating out!

Do Your Research

Most restaurants have websites that feature their menu. Before going to a restaurant, take a look at the menu to see what the healthy options are. Look for lean meats, salads that have a lighter dressing, or other options that fit within your dietary guidelines. Looking at the menu before you visit will make it easier to make a healthy choices because you will have an idea of what to order before you go in.


If you can, try to eat a small snack, like an apple, twenty minutes before you go to the restaurant. An apple is a good source of fiber and will help you feel satiated when you order at the restaurant. If you do not feel like you are starving, you will be less likely to gorge yourself on carbohydrates while eating out.

Order First

Another way to avoid temptation is to place your order before the others at the table. If you can state your selection first, you are far less likely to make an impulsive choice after hearing what others are ordering. It could even influence some others to make a healthier decision!

Drink Water

When you arrive at the restaurant, drink a full glass of water. It will help prevent overeating once the food arrives. When it comes to ordering a beverage for your meal, stick with your water. If you feel like having a different beverage, avoid sodas and juices. They contain a lot of unneeded calories and sugar.

Bring Home Leftovers

There is a lot of pressure to “finish your plate.” Do not feel like you have to keep eating after you are full! It is an unhealthy habit and will just make you feel overly stuffed. If the portions are large, only eat half of the entree and box the other half up! If you want, you can box up half of your meal right away. That way, you will not be tempted to keep eating after you are full.

With these tips, eating out a restaurant can still be fun and enjoyable! You will feel proud that you stayed on track with your healthy habits. Plus, you will feel energized after your meal, rather than sluggish and overstuffed! If you’re interested in pursuing a healthier lifestyle, contact me! I’d love to help you get on track with fitness and health.